What is selling?

Some definitions of selling?

In a sale, a seller gives a product or service to a buyer for a sum of money. What differentiates selling from the notion of barter or exchange. Legally speaking, article 1582 of the Civil Code defines sale as “an agreement by which one is bound to deliver something, and the other to pay for it”.

The sales contract can be made in writing or verbally. It can then be a benefit or a tangible good. However, certain types of sales must follow specific regulations. In particular the sale of goodwill, the sale on credit or the sale at home.

In other words, selling refers to all the methods and actions performed by a salesperson, whose goal is to sell something to a third person. The sale is thus the result of an agreement or negotiation between the seller and the buyer.

What can we sell?

Selling is not just limited to a product. It is possible to provide services, benefits, training and much more. The field of sales is very wide. Indeed, one can get a person to buy a vision or a political opinion, convince him to choose one project over another and these are just examples among many others.

What is the difference between selling and marketing?

We tend to confuse these two terms. However, marketing and sales refer to two different disciplines – although complementary – and having the same goal. That of generating income to improve the turnover of a business. As such, one does not go without the other.

Marketing activities ?

Marketing is more focused on the market. In other words, the marketing manager will focus more on the needs of customers and prospects and on developing a solution to meet their expectations. Thus, he will ensure that the sale takes place. To do this, he will take care of promotional material ranging from simple brochures to the organization of trade fairs.

The marketer is thus assigned two missions. First, to present an attractive proposition based on the consumer needs that are identified in advance. And second, to create and maintain a lasting and trusting relationship with them.

Sales or “sales” activities ?

The marketing agent attracts the customer to a product or a brand. When that’s done, it’s up to the seller to take the torch. The latter contacts customers with the aim of an acquisition by them. The hardest part of a merchant’s job is to turn leads or prospects into real customers. Selling is the discipline that leads the prospect to the act of buying.

To be clearer, marketing is all about luring the prospect into the store while selling leads them to make purchases so that they become a customer.

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