What is marketing and what are its techniques ?

Marketing is essential for any business wishing to develop sales of its products or services. What is marketing and what are the most used sales techniques?

What is marketing ?

Marketing is a discipline that aims to analyze and influence the needs of consumers to adapt the offer and develop sales.

Under the pressure of the market and the competition, marketing forces the company to always do better than the last time in terms of customer needs and the development of its offer. Marketing brings together a set of analysis methods and tools suitable for:

Orient the company towards the most promising markets,
Guide the development of future offers in terms of products and services,
Support commercial action for current offers.
Marketing has a major role in the success of the company’s present and future products and services in its various markets and in the face of competition.

Marketing specialization ?

Marketing evolves and specializes according to the areas of marketing. This specialization allows, among other things, to develop new sales techniques.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of different marketing approaches:

Strategic marketing
It is the process of analysis and reflection to achieve the “supply-demand” match.

Operational marketing
It is concretization through action that must constantly be adapted to changing trade and changes in the market.

BtoC or BtoB marketing connects a business to the wants and needs of its customers. Marketing techniques and strategies are used depending on the target and objective.

The different marketing techniques ?

There are many marketing strategies, you will find below the most used:

Relationship marketing
It aims to develop a personalized and friendly relationship with the consumer customer in order to retain them. This relationship is built through dialogue between the brand and the consumer.

Direct marketing
This is the set of approaches aimed at establishing personalized and measurable contact between the company and its prospects according to certain criteria.

Promotional marketing
This approach combines a set of techniques and means of communication put in place in the company’s action plan. The objective is to induce the creation or change of purchasing or consumption behavior among the targeted targets.

The marketing buzz
Viral marketing aims to create a media rumor before releasing the product.

Not to mention: growth hacking, online marketing, emotional marketing, permission marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, etc.

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